Oil Change East Hanover NJ

June 1st, 2016

Gogel Tire & Auto Repair is known for their focus on customer service.  They are committed to providing the highest quality in their auto service and quotes that are honest and complete.  Gogel Tire & Auto Repair strives to respond quickly to problems and provide quality products and auto parts.

When in need of your next oil change in East Hanover, NJ, Madison, NJ, Maplewood, NJ, West Orange, NJ, Lincoln Park, NJ, or Springfield, NJ, Gogel Tire & Auto Repair would like for you give them a call.  If you are interested in receiving a standard or synthetic blend oil change, be sure to first print our coupon for $10 off!  If you are interested in a synthetic oil change, please click here for a $20 off coupon!

Each oil change service includes:

  • An inspection of all fluids under the hood and topping off those fluids if needed
  • An examination of the engine for leaks
  • An inspection of all belts and hoses
  • A check of the whole undercarriage
  • An oil filter change
  • An inspection of the air filter
  • The lubrication of all fittings
  • Tire pressure check

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